Visiting Creative Town and Getting Crafty

As you all know, yesterday 1st October, we visited Yolima Grandas and her Creative Town. She had invited us for a Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘» craft workshop, and it was very interesting. All of us, Audrey Fournier, Cindy (intern at the Holland Expat Center, South), Nikita, Renisa Suryahadikusumah, and I, enjoyed it thoroughly. It was also nice to have some International Creative Women (ICW) Members join the workshop with us. It was rather a mixed group yesterday. πŸ€—πŸ™

Craft with paper or clay, the end product was for tealight (theelichten in Dutch). We were of course able to bring our paper craft back with us. But for the clay ones (πŸ‘»shape), we all decided to leave at the Creative Town and take them in a day or two when they are dry. (Remember to take your own and not somebody else’s.😁) Though things seemed simple to make, it definitely wasn’t the case practically. 😁

Other than the workshop, it was nice sharing who we are and how we landed here. Yolima Grandas also shared her beautiful journey into becoming one of the founders of the ICW community. We definitely didn’t forget to visit their beautiful creative store. Every product has a story to tell and a lot of hands and minds behind them. A Must Visit Place. ☺️ All in all, it was very inspiring. 

When Yolima Grandas informed us about the Day of the Dead celebrations, one of the most important culture from her country, and perhaps in Latin America in general, the best reference to tell us what it is and how it is celebrated was the πŸ“½ Coco by Disney Pixar. Well, apparently not all of us have watched them. So, we at least played the trailer for the ones who haven’t watch them and recommended to watch. 😁

It was another fun-filled activity that we could do together which was also special to most of us because we also got to know about a new culture Halloween. πŸ€— 

Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal! πŸ€—πŸ™

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