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Under English Conversation Meetups that happen every Tuesday from 11:00-12:00, we began the idea to share about different topics from our culture.

Crêpes – by Audrey Fournier

There are some people who don’t follow a recipe; they just mix the basic ingredients (flour, egg(s), milk, butter, sometimes also sugar and rum) and add milk until the dough is liquid enough. I am not part of these people,…

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Bitterbal- A Dutch Snack

Singular: Bitterbal; Plural: Bitterballen After attending few events in the Netherlands, I noticed that no matter what the occasion, I found one sort of Dutch snack present in almost every event. Round, deep fried snack with thick, soft filling: Bitterbal….

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MO:MO- A cuisine from Nepal by MEGHA VAIDYA

MO:MO (Nepali: मोमो; Nepal Bhasa: मम, small mo:mo – ममचा) Nepal is rich in its cuisine. Different communities, ethnic groups have their own food culture. However, besides dal-bhat, what connects all is their love for mo:mo. As a humor, we…

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Indian Chinese by NIKITA AGRAWAL

Indian cuisine is made up of numerous regional native cuisines and the food specialities are varied and abundant. So while I could have picked a pail from this vast sea to write about, I am about to take a slightly…

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