English Conversation Meetup (04)

We had a diverse conversation yesterday. We shared our views on buying a house 🏠, means of transportation in the Netherlands, Iran and Nepal, and traffic jam.

When it comes to buying a house, everybody had a different opinion. Whether one should buy a house or not? Where would you prefer to go for one? Is moving to a city nearby Eindhoven a better option? How to start searching for one? Do you need a makelaar (estate agent)?

With moving to a different city if needed was eased because of the road and transportation system in the Netherlands. We all agreed that at least the roads are not as packed as in our countries and there are various means of transportation here, making commuting comfortable here unlike in our countries.

And we also talked about a vehicle called as ‘Tempo’ that I used to take during my university days. Would I feel the same about commuting via it? Well, we’ll have to see. 😊

It was nice to hear you all share on those topics. See you all next week. Until then fijn weekend allemaal! 🤗
Author: megha

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