Bitterbal- A Dutch Snack

Singular: Bitterbal; Plural: Bitterballen

After attending few events in the Netherlands, I noticed that no matter what the occasion, I found one sort of Dutch snack present in almost every event. Round, deep fried snack with thick, soft filling: Bitterbal.

Whether at my husband’s former office during Friday Midday gathering (Vrij-Mi-Bo/ Vrijdag Middag Borrel) or at a friend’s graduation or at a Pubquiz, it is there. My husband immediately fell in love with Bitterbal. And when we found the frozen ones at Jumbo, how could we not try it!

Mina Solanki’s piece on Bitterbal, A brief history of the typical Dutch bar snack: The bitterbal (, is an interesting read.


Author: megha

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