Meeting for a Drink @Restaurant Stories

Yesterday we had planned to meet at Het Cryudenhuisch for a Turkish delicacy workshop by Sumak Eindhoven. But we had to postpone that for 6th October. (I hope everything is well with you now @Aysegul. Looking forward to meeting you in two weeks.)

So instead, today, Audrey, Maryam and her little one, and I went to Restaurant Stories at Strijp S for a drink. Since Maryam had never been to Strijp S, we decided to go for this place. We all tried the red homemade ice tea being unsure whether to order a hot drink or a cold drink. Was good. 😊

Different topics were on the table. But since Maryam is new to Eindhoven and she wanted to know about kids-friendly parks, we talked about different parks in Eindhoven. 🌳 We talked about the Apple and pearpicking season at Philips de Jongh Park, which is almost at it’s end for this year. 🍎🍐 We also talked about zoos nearby and Beekse Bergen Safaripark. πŸ‘πŸ¦“πŸ„πŸ–

Of course, there were more things to share about but before we all left, we explored a bit of Strijp S. Seats2Meet and Intelligentia to name a few. Maybe more of Strijp S for next time.Β 

Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal!Β 

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