Visiting De Bibliotheek Eindhoven

Today with Audrey, Binda and her little Eersta, and our newest member Upasna, we visited De Bibliotheek Eindhoven. For Binda and Upasna it was their first time at the library. Exploring around, it felt new to everyone with their changed interior, mostly at the kids’ section. Our next stop was Blik op Eindhoven. But we still had time for that.

So, it was perfect for us to exchange our experiences, expectations, challenges especially since Upasna is new to Eindhoven. We all had many things in common. Challenges in finding a job to falling in love with Eindhoven. But amongst all, what stood at the top was our appreciation towards the TU/e. How the TU/e helps in the VISA process which for a non-European makes things easier and stress-free. And then when you arrive here program like Get in Touch awaits you for free. Well, we all feel it’s unbelievable when it comes to their concern for accompanying partners. But it’s how TU/e is. And we all are very lucky to be a part of it.

We were still talking about different topics like language when Nienke from Blik op Eindhoven approached us and asked if we would be interested in sharing our views and suggestions regarding life in Eindhoven; we all felt why not. It was as if what we were just discussing among ourselves, we were continuing the same chapter with her. It was nice to be a part of Blik op Eindhoven’s project and share with them.

Another beautiful day spent with our wonderful ladies and little Eersta. Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal!

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