Finding a job in the Netherlands – Webinar by Kirtika van Hunen

Many thanks to Kirtika van Hunen,, (, for offering the webinar ‘Finding a Job in the Netherlands’, including her own story and useful tips.🙏

From the starting step of validating our diplomas via Nuffic to what we want in the first place to preparing our CV and Motivation Letter to interview, the webinar was very insightful. Especially for an international with a diploma and experience from his/her own country, most of the time it is challenging to even take the first step, not knowing where to begin from. Webinars as such help to understand how the job market works.

Glad you all, Audrey, Binda, Nikita, Renisa, and Sun Qi, could join the webinar. All the best for your future and enjoy your one-to-one half an hour coaching with Kirtika van Hunen in the near future.🤗👍

Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal!🤗😘

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