Discussion on the Materials with Pennings’ Team

First of all, it was wonderful seeing you, Carola, after a long time and discussing and planning for the planned photo-exhibition together with Audrey, Nikita and Pennings team. Thank you, Audrey Fournier and Nikita, for your participation and inputs as always.πŸ€—πŸ™ 

To update on where we are now in the process, we have collected a number of lovely materials for the exhibition. In coming two weeks, Pennings team will go through the materials again and have a better look on the β€˜how’ to project the story behind them.

We also discussed about the activities we would like to have during the Opening and Closing Ceremony. So far, the plan is to have a short dance and a musical performance.πŸ’ƒπŸŽΈ 10-15 minutes in total for both. These are for Opening Ceremony… For the Closing Ceremony, reading the stories shared by the participants.πŸ““… In between, on weekends perhaps applying henna and saree draping could be possible. Activities will be coordinated by the GiT family.😊

On 4th June, we will meet again at Pennings Foundation to update over what their ideas on the materials are and where we are with the activities part. 

On 23rd and 24th June, Pennings will be building our Photo-exhibition. The GiT family is welcome to be a part of it and work together.

An offer/ request from Pennings foundation: If any of you are interested in working with them for this photo-exhibition during the preparation phase, please let us know. For instance, in exhibition design, content preparation, and others. 

Please feel free to comment or contact me for more information! And of course, will keep you all posted.πŸ™

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