Sinterklaas Celebration

Today we celebrated Sinterklaas together with our GiT Family. We had to modify it and decided to do it virtually. Definitely missed the fun part of creating cards and writing poems impromptu. However, on the other hand, enjoyed every bit of secretly delivering gifts, and controlling our curiosity to know what’s inside. 🤗😘

Thank you so much, Ashlee, Delaram, Gabriela, Eva, Laura, Negar, and Prajitha, for celebrating Sinterklaas together. 🙏 🤗And thank you for not peeking inside. 😊

It was fun opening the gifts carefully, without damaging the wrapping paper, and guessing what’s inside and who the Secret Sint is. 🤔Well, Delaram was lucky that she could already meet her Secret Sint and cute little Piet. Among the present ones, only Laura guessed it correct. For the rest, we applied elimination method. 😀

We missed those who couldn’t make it today. 🤗

Thank you, Sint(s), for making everyone so happy with lovely gifts. 🙏🤗

Looking forward to seeing you all next week with another activity.

Author: megha

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