Moving to Eindhoven

Thank you, Delaram, Laura, and Nandita, for joining us today and taking us along your journey in Eindhoven. It was interesting to hear your stories on how you came to know about Eindhoven in the first place, what your expectations were, the challenges you faced, and many more.

It is a wonderful achievement that how new, strange place transitioned to becoming your home. Quite encouraging and motivating as well on how you found your way in Eindhoven, though at times you were lost. As Nandita said, international communities and the locals were very helpful in finding your way around.

Especially when you were here a decade ago, the challenges were more. There were not many international communities; no communication through social medias to put your queries into. Language itself being a barrier; especially when English isn’t your first language.

But the vibrant ambience of Eindhoven with its “beautiful soul”, as Delaram said, never seizes to amaze you. The growing international community, international atmosphere, young and energy filled Eindhoven eventually gave you the “sense of belonging”. As Laura said, not just Eindhoven, but the Netherlands in general provides a quality of life, mainly in terms of safety for women.

So, what comes first in the mind of our spouses when anybody says Eindhoven!
Delaram: De Blob
Laura: Bowling Pins
Nandita: Philips Lichttoren, 18 Septemberplein.

Then, we also talked about places in Eindhoven to visit. And the interest in international cuisines. So, if any of you have recommendations for food and restaurants to go to, it would be great. Of course, that is when they open or if possible, ordering online in the future. Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week with Online Sinterklaas celebration.

Thank you all once again and until then “fijn weekend allemaal”.

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