Collective Pulsed Parade

Yesterday it was chaos everywhere in the PULSED area. Chaotic as in busy, excited chaotic. Students were giving final touch to the carnaval costumes or helping the users/ participants put on the costume. Yes, they needed help because one of their requirements was to play with lights and that came with some wires. Nothing scary though, just needed a careful touch. 

So, while that was going on, Zehra, one of the students, gave us a tour of their workspace and shared about their courses. Project- based courses with coaching from their coaches and no theoretical classes. Challenging but interesting. 

After a few minutes past 2 o’clock, the parade began. It was a very colorful, crazy ambience, giving the vibe of carnaval. And it was fascinating to hear each group share the concept behind their costume based on their participants’ culture, experience or wish. Drinks and interaction meetup afterwards was a good way to get to know each other.  

Well, in terms of pictures of the costumes, we will have to wait for Fontys Pulsed. But for now, we have at least one wonderful costume made for our dear Komala. 😊

See you all next week. Until then, fijn weekend allemaal!

Author: megha

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