Finding your way in the Netherlands

Today Fereshteh joined us and shared about her journey in the Netherlands. It was very interesting and inspiring to hear her story. She shared that the first six months were challenging. But eventually she found her way that led to creating her own company “Green Mind” ( in 2016; an idea that started when her colleague at volunteering work suggested her about it. Psychologist by profession, Fereshteh has been ever since helping people find their way out of their mental turmoil.  

Of course, it wasn’t easy mainly in terms of education system here. But with IDW ( evaluating her master’s degree from Iran equivalent to the Dutch Masters, the path got smoother. 

And since we were curious to know more, we flooded her with questions. 😊 She cleared many things when it comes to psychological treatment in general as well as how it works here in the Netherlands. And she pointed out that communication plays a greater role in life, personal or professional to have a healthy mind. She even shared how having your own company has its own perks. Of course, there are some challenges as well. 

Thank you so much Fereshteh for taking out time from your busy schedule for us and sharing your experiences. 

And thank you Maryam and Nikita for joining in and making it an interactive session. 

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