Meeting in Pairs (20 Jan)


Binda Anissa and I paired up this week. Binda invited me to her house for Indonesian Cuisine. So today I had a yummy lunch at her place. It was my first-time eating Soto and Tempeh and I enjoyed eating both. Now I know what to do with chicken broth (I usually throw it away. What a waste!). 😁 And of course kroepoek was in the menu. ☺

We also talked about different things. Mostly on our experiences in the Netherlands, both positive and negative. However, good things fortunately overpower the bad ones. ☺

It was nice spending time with you Binda Anissa and the little one. Thank you for the invite and the lovely food. 🤗😘🙏


Hi everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️ Sairan and I are at winkelcentrum because Sairan has not seen here before. After, we are planning to visit henri dunant park as well because it is so close to here. ☺


Anna and me had a fun evening yesterday! We met indoors and had conversations about cultures, Books, our professions (filled with funny anecdotes) over tea and snacks. We then played scrabble to the end with only 3 tiles remaining a ‘z’ and two ‘t’s. Thank you Ann Khorkova for a fun evening. ❤️Thanks Megha Vaidya for the initiative. ❤️


We had great time! Thank you Megha Vaidya and Nikita Agrawal.

Thank you Ann Khorkova and Nikita for sharing it with us.

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