Visiting Wasven and Catching-up

With sun🌞 shining after a few gloomy days, it was nice to meet each other (Audrey and Prajitha) after a month-long summer holidays and explore Het Wasven area. It was quite busy, especially the restaurant and the area with the Sycamore tree. Perhaps some school activity was going on by the Sycamore tree. The whole area was very lively and cheerful. It felt good to be out together. 😊

The last time I visited Wasven was in 2018. Compared to back then, it has undergone some makeover and its warm and beautiful. More spaces were filled with fruits and vegetables, especially pumpkins. It was amazing to find Kousenband vegetable which is not so common here compared to India and Nepal. Of course, Prajitha and I ended up buying them.

The visit was rejuvenating. Looking forward to our next meetup. Until then, fijn weekend allemaal!🤗

Author: megha

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