Visiting Volkstuinvereniging Groen Gennep

With the sun shining🌞, GiT spouses accompanied by their partners, kid and friends, and Sara Villavicencio Llerena telling us about the Volkstuin and showing us around, it was a lovely Sunday afternoon. From what volkstuin is to how does one become a member to how does it function to what it means to the members, it was interesting to know about it.☺
Walking around, seeing all those gardens with different setups and plantations🌱🌻🌹🍎🍅🥕🍋, and learning a few tips from Sara Villavicencio Llerena, it was very inspiring. And one of Sara’s neighbours, whom we met at end of the tour, said something remarkably interesting and true.
“In the beginning you take care of plants. But later the plants take care of you.”

Thanks to Sara for a wonderful day. 🤗😘

Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal!🤗😘 And enjoy the pictures from today.😍

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