“I Do” Saree Draping

Another weekend with another interesting workshop offered during our ongoing photo-exhibition ‘I DO’. The ambience was very colorful with beautiful colorful sarees brought by our dear Swapnali. The ambience got more fun and interesting with people adorned in saree 🥻 and the one-to-one interactions on different topics like tradition of wearing saree, the style of wearing it, and different types of sarees.😍

Thank you so much Swapnali for the lovely 🥻workshop. The energy and speed you had (draping one person after another), it was amazing to see that.🤗😘🤩

Thanks as well to our friends and all the curious and interested faces who attended the workshop.🤗

Happy to share some captures from today’s lovely moments. Hope you all will enjoy them.🤗😍

Next week will be the CLOSING DAY of our ‘I DO’ exhibition. If you haven’t yet visited the exhibition, don’t miss it out. We will be closing with Poetry recitation and Conversation. Hope to see you all there.🙏

Have a nice weekend!🤗😘

Author: megha

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