Nature Walk with Nuno Curado (Wild Eindhoven)

Today we had an early morning nature walk 🚶‍♀️🚶with Nuno Curado (Wild Eindhoven). Though it wasn’t perhaps the best day to go into the nature and look for birds and insects, it wasn’t also the worst. 🌧You could hear the birds chirping, singing; once in a while you could even capture them in the camera 📸, lucky for you if they aren’t very quick in flying away or decide to stay in the branch for a bit longer. Was definitely tricky first in finding where they are in a tree and then trying to get their picture. But all in all, it was a lovely morning in the nature. It was even lovelier because with Nuno’s expertise we could recognize which was which.😍

A pigeon…which pigeon? City or wood pigeon; sparrow or finch; coot or moorhen? It was also interesting to know about those boxes with bat figure 🦇 on them: a house for bats which can be found throughout the city. Apparently, there is a hole at the bottom of the box from where the bats swoop in and swoop out so that they have enough force to go out. We also saw some homes made by kingfishers.

We wouldn’t have noticed those things or wouldn’t have understood even if we had seen them. To walk around with a different perspective, especially from an expert’s eyes make a big difference.😊

Thanks to Nuno for offering us a free walk. And thank you Audrey Fournier, Nikita and Sun Qi for a beautiful morning.🙏🤗

Enjoy the rest of the day. Hope to see you coming Saturday for Henna Art at Pennings Foundation. If you would like to join us, have henna art, we will be there from 2:00-4:00. You don’t have to register, and entrance is free. 🤗😊

(A collective picture from Audrey and Me.)

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