Discuss- Update- Plan Over Materials (1)

Today we, Audrey, Laura, Nikita and I, updated each other on what we have received so far and discussed what’s next.

So far, we have 6 Wedding Ritual Ppts; received extra pictures from 2 GiT spouses for the exhibition; and one short story which will also have audio later.

What we and anybody interested to be a part of it are going to do in coming days is keep sharing materials. Since the photo-exhibition is more than just about wedding rituals, each one of us is going to share different pictures, stories, texts, and/ or any other things connected to wedding and/or to our journey from our country to Eindhoven, could be audio and/or visual.

For instance, how it was before our move and how it is now; what and how we keep our culture alive; new traditions that entered our life; and such.

We hope to hear from other GiT spouses as well. So, if you are interested, please feel free to join. We still have 2 weeks left to share materials. Also, let us know if you can and would like to help in the preparation process.

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