Meeting in Pairs (I)

After many virtual meetups, finally meeting at least one friend in person meant a great deal of happiness for all of us. Connecting, exploring the city with a friend, sharing about our new and old experiences in Eindhoven, and realizing we all fall on the same page especially with our admiration towards Eindhoven was wonderful.

So, as planned, we formed 4 pairs: Advaita & Viviana; Audrey & Prajitha; Ghozi & Nikita; and Marcela & Megha. Since Marcela and Ghozi could not meet on Thursday, Marcela & Megha; and Ghozi & Nikita met on Wednesday afternoon and evening respectively. The rest two pairs met on Thursday.

Thank you, Advaita, Audrey, Ghozi, Marcela, Nikita, Prajitha, and Viviana, for making the plan to meet in person possible. It is nice to hear that you all had a wonderful day. And thank you so much for sharing your lovely experience and pictures with us.

Looking forward to making more of such memories and meeting all of you soon.

Until then, fijn weekend allemaal!

Author: megha

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