New Start with Introduction Using 2 Truths and a Lie

Thank you, Sun Qi, Ashlee, Viviana, Negar, and Prajitha, for joining in today.

Wow! What an interesting day! Meeting each other, though online, after a couple of weeks, it was wonderful. On top of that, playing 2TRUTHS AND A LIE was not just fun and interesting; we got to know who can convince their lie as a truth. 😊

Two rounds went quickly. And it wasn’t easy all the time. They were tricky at times. It was a good idea Sun Qi to get clues by asking questions. 😊 It helped to catch the lies most of the time. 😊
And of course, we learned few more things about one another. For instance, whether you like sushi or not; whether you love learning Dutch or learning yoga; what your favorite color is; how you have travelled for half a year with just your backpack around the world; whether you drive both manual and automatic cars or not; whether you have a pet or not; and the list goes on…

Glad that you all enjoyed it! Hope to see you all next week.

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