Thank you Audrey, Nikita and Binda for sharing about your meetup last week. Happy to hear your stories and share them here.😊

Nikita: We went to the food trucks near Sint Trudokerk. But then we didn’t feel like eating and rode to this park near the former Philips stadium, which also had a boulder for rock climbing. Audrey also showed me around the Strijp-S area and I have to say she knows a lot about Eindhoven. We also talked about how we landed up in Eindhoven and it was nice spending time with her.

Audrey: Hi! We first went to Sint Trudoplein to check the Thursday food trucks (fish truck, chicken truck, cheese truck and Vietnamese truck); we then went to the Evoluon (We forgot to take a pic) and then to the nearby park (Jacob Oppenheimerpark) where we sat for a while. We discussed about Eindhoven, about the corona times of course, and about our hopes that the vaccine will bring an end to it, so that we can enjoy the city life fully. We then went home, with a little detour to Strijp-S (the feel good market square). We also discussed that we felt lazy before meeting each other, but we had a lovely time and agreed that it was worth it ðŸ˜Š

Binda: Hi guys! ðŸ¤— I’ll also share mine! Yesterday for the first time I met someone from GIT and she is.. Megha! We met in a park near Strijp-S in a perfect weather, share some stories and also share chocolate cake.🤩Megha told me about the first time she came to NL and how she adapted here (which I will learn a lot). We also shared stories about our own culture in Nepal and Indonesia. We found that both Nepal and Indonesia have some similar local wisdoms and we are also excited to have our own life here in NL.😊

It’s beautiful to meet someone and share some stories ðŸ¥°ðŸ¥°ðŸ¥°


Thank you, Audrey Fournier, Binda, and Nikita for joining in today. 🙏 Unfortunately, Petra couldn’t join us. So, our planned meetup turned out to be an unplanned one, which I think we all found a nice opportunity to know each other more.😊

We updated on our Wedding Photo-exhibition Project. And thank you Binda for sharing a bit more about Javanese Royal Wedding. ‘Royal’ has more to do with cultural adaptation than belonging to a royal family.

Then with the topic of weather, we started talking about gardening. And with plant topic on the table, we talked about how it is back home, cheap or expensive, bouquet as common and important as in the Netherlands or not, and plant care. And definitely waiting for weather to get lovely so we can work on plants soon.

It was nice talking to you all and knowing you are doing well.


Thank you, Audrey Fournier, Nikita and Viviana Gonzalez D, for joining in today. It was fun playing jigsaw puzzle online. 🤗😘

The first one, we did in about 15-20 minutes. It had 77 pieces. But the second one had 600 pieces. (Sorry about that.) 😊 We started pretty well and we were so determined that we kept on going even after 3:30.

Thank you Nikita and Viviana Gonzalez D for helping build the base. Audrey Fournier and I finally completed it around 5:30. Missed you both. Next time, we will go with smaller ones. 😊

AGENDA#09, 4 March

This week Advaita Kaul and Ghozi paired up and enjoyed a day-out at Playground ( in the Karpendonkse Plas, Eindhoven while Audrey Fournier and I went to the Arboretum Park Woodland Country ( in Meerhoven.

Thank you, Advaita and Audrey, for sharing about your meetup and lovely pictures. And of course, what a beautiful video by Advaita!🤗🙏 Very happy to see that you all had a great day despite the cold outside.🤗😘