AGENDA#04, 28 January

Thank you Ed Heerschap for inviting GiT Family to the INCLUDING YOU event. It was a wonderful event with interesting Panel discussions and Presentations.πŸ™

Thank you everyone who joined this event. I hope it was interesting and helpful for you all in some way. πŸ™πŸ€—

AGENDA#03, 21 January

Thank you Audrey, Delaram and Nandita, for your presence today. πŸ™πŸ€— And special thanks to Tessy Willems for presenting about the new, interesting social app Activitree.πŸ™πŸ€—

We enjoyed your presentation Tessy and the ideas of having low-key activities that people can do together (for free). For instance, storytelling; playing volleyball together; playing board games; cooking together. Wish you lots of success with this project and hopefully we will see some familiar names in the app.πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

It was nice of Tessy Willems to welcome us to join their meeting on the 29th of January. So, if anybody is interested in meeting the group and seeing how things are, they are welcome to join.

Thank you all once again.

AGENDA#02, 14 January

Thank you, Audrey, Negar, and Sun Qi, for joining in today.Β πŸ™ We had an interesting presentation.😊 Thanks to Peggy Smulders and Maud Muselaers from Stad & Co for a wonderful presentation.πŸ™

Today we talked about what Stad & Co is; their role as an intermediary in making the city more hospitable and sustainable; and their projects to achieve their goals, such asΒ City Hosts and Eindhoven Navigators.Β 

The short survey of how we perceive Eindhoven was also quite reflective. Negar came up with some interesting ideas. Hopefully, there will be more activities as you mentioned.Β πŸ‘ (In case you want to know more about their projects, you can always contact them directly. They will be happy to hear from you.)😊

AGENDA#01, 7 January

Thank you Ashlee, Audrey and Thasni, for joining in today. Glad to have you back Thasni after a long time and nice to meet little Affaan. It was nice to talk to you all after quite some weeks.

It’s good to see that new things are happening in your life. All the best to you all with your Dutch language, Calligraphy and Move to your new house.

We also talked about the Expat Social Lounge (virtual) by the Holland Expat Center, South and GiT being one of the social programs for internationals. Thank you all for your ideas for the lounge. We will keep each other updated.