AGENDA#08, 25 February

As planned, we formed 4 pairs: Advaita & Viviana; Audrey & Prajitha; Ghozi & Nikita; and Marcela & Megha. Since Marcela and Ghozi could not meet on Thursday, Marcela & I; and Ghozi & Nikita met on Wednesday afternoon and evening respectively. The rest two pairs met on Thursday.

After many virtual meetups, finally meeting at least one friend in person meant a great deal of happiness for all of us. Connecting, exploring the city with a friend, sharing about our new and old experiences in Eindhoven, and realizing we all fall on the same page especially with our admiration towards Eindhoven was wonderful.

Thank you, Advaita, Audrey, Ghozi, Marcela, Nikita, Prajitha, and Viviana, for making the plan to meet in person possible. It is nice to hear that you all had a wonderful day. And thank you so much for sharing your lovely experience and pictures with us.

AGENDA#07, 18 February

Sharing our experiences, learning about new culture is always wonderful. And today was a day filled with amazing stories and cultural sides of wedding from Chile, Colombia, France, India and Nepal.

Thank you so much Audrey, Marcela, Nikita, and Viviana, for coming in today and sharing about wedding culture in your own country. And it was lovely to see our little Pedro. 🤗🙏

And special thanks to Marcela for preparing a wonderful Ppt and sharing your beautiful story and wedding customs. You wanted a princess theme, got your dream-wedding and you looked like a princess. Very happy for you both.🤗😊🙏

AGENDA#06, 11 February

It was the day for Expat Social Lounge by the Holland Expat Center, South. Thank you Josine Frankhuizen for having GiT Family as a part of the event.🙏🤗 It was an interesting event with quite an informative sessions. It was nice to see the region growing with so many supportive organizations.

Thank you Audrey for sharing your lovely GiT story.🙏🤗

And thank you Ghozi, Marcela, Nandita, and Viviana for joining in.🙏🤗 Missed seeing you all though. I hope you all enjoyed this event.

AGENDA#05, 4 February

After a couple of presentations for a few weeks in a row, we had a relaxed week before we moved onto another presentation week. We played online scribble via

It was wonderful to have you all and play the game together. It was quite fun. We had lots of challenging words and yet some guessed them quickly. That was amazing.

Thank you Ashlee, Audrey, Ghozi and Marcela, for joining in today.